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"OBEAH" was a magazine circa early 1980's about Black Supremacy and white servitude. This mag along with other publications such as IR News, White Trash, Black Mistress Reiew, Taboo, Black Amazon Digest, Ebony Goddess, Enslaved, Forced Womanhood, Dominant Black Bitches etc. has fueled my fantasys and my reality or 30+ years. I am now 58yrs old and have not had my 3.5 inch clitty in a womans pussy or ass, including my Goddess in 25+ years. I am nothing but a sissy fag with a 3.5" clit, that is used by many as a cum dump, urinal, pain pig and humiliation freak! I live in the Boston area and can serve any Black Matser, Mistress, Couple or TV. Age, weight etc does not matter
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Tricia Jackson was pissed when she got to work, in both senses of the word. Her “lover” had thrown her out of his apartment the night before and replaced her with a white girl. Tricia could just about have coped with the humiliation of being thrown bodily into the street by Clyde, a sports bag with her meager wardrobe following soon after. Hell, it wasn’t the first time some jerk had thrown her out on her ear when he got bored with fucking her, it wasn’t the first time the neighborhood trash had turned out to mock and insult her as she lay face down in the dirt. No, what really cut her was the laughter of the white bitch standing there with Clyde’s fingers under her micro skirt halfway up her cunt, looking down at her like she was some kind of fucking scum. She had tried to lunge at her but Clyde’s fist had knocked her back into the gutter and then he and his white trash whore disappeared into the apartment.

Eventually, Tricia picked herself up, wiped the dirt off her face as best she could and staggered to a nearby bar. She sat for hours knocking back cheap whiskey and cursing Clyde and his white bitch. That was what really hurt, to be thrown over not for another Black girl like herself but for a scrawny-assed white slut. Fuck! Tricia hated whites, had done for as long as she could remember, hated the way they looked down their noses at Blacks like her but went wild for big Black cock, hated the way Black men like Clyde just couldn’t resist white pussy no matter how much finer their own women looked. Shit, thought Tricia, I’d like to teach that white whore of his a lesson, I’d like to teach all them godamn white trash scum a lesson. Yeah, they’d be happy to kiss her Black Ass by the time she finished with them.

She was still railing against whites when the bartender threw her out just after midnight, her hand firmly grasping a whisky bottle. A friend put her up for the night but she had to be sure and leave in the morning. Her man, a friend of Clyde’s would be back then and he wouldn’t want to see her there. So in the morning she splashed some water on her face, threw her bag over her shoulder and, still half-cut, staggered to the office where she worked as a typist. God, she hated her work there working her ass off for a pittance typing letters for snot nosed white boys who treated her like dirt, her and all the other Black girls who worked there. Course, they all ran after the white secretaries who were only too happy to spread their legs for their little white dicks.

Her arrival caused not a little consternation. Half drunk, dressed only in tight denim cut-offs that showed off her ass cheeks and a skimpy denim waistcoat that barely covered her white bra, she looked more like a hooker than a secretary. Yet what comments there were among the secretarial staff were made only once they were absolutely certain she was out of earshot. They had all, at one time or another, been on the end of her agressive temper and they all, especially the white girls lived in fear of crossing her. Still, they reassured themselves as they huddled whispering near the water coolers, she had gone too far today. She would definitely be sent to Mr Jordan, and that would be the end of her. No-one who was sent to him on a disciplinary matter remained long at the company thereafter.

Sure enough, soon after Mark Jordan received a phone call from Tricia’s supervisor and instructed him to send up the young secretary. He prepared for her arrival by pulling down the blinds on his office windows and putting on his severest expression as he sat behind his desk awaiting her. He was still a young man in his mid-thirties and owner of the most successful publishing company in the region, a company he had built from nothing by hard work and discipline. It was a discipline he enforced rigorously in the company offices. He expected total commitment from his staff and any infringement of company rules was strictly punished even by dismissal.

There was a knock on the door and Tricia was ushered in. Mark Jordan took one look at her and swallowed hard. The young Black girl was like a vision! He could feel himself turning red as he ran his eyes over her muscular limbs, her pert ass, her ample breasts and her beautiful, hate-filled face. She was incredible!

Tricia was too consumed with anger to notice how entranced Jordan was with her. How dare this white fuckpig think he could discipline her! So angry was she she could no longer control herself. Seemingly unable to understand how great was the danger of losing her job she snapped at the company owner.

“You gonna give me a mouthful of shit ‘cause of the way I dress, huh? Who the fuck you think you are, Mr. High and Mighty White Boy? Who the fuck you think you are telling me what and what not to wear? I ain’t one of your cheap little white ‘hos gonna suck your tiny white dick just to keep her job. I’m a Black Woman…that’s what I am and if you don’t like the clothes I wear you can kiss my Black Ass!”

Mark Jordan was almost speechless with excitement. He’d have kicked any other employee’s ass straight out the door by now but this ass, this ass was different. It belonged to a Goddess, a Black Goddess.

“M-may I, Ma’am?” he stammered eventually, looking pleadingly up into Tricia’s eyes.

Tricia looked at him incomprehendingly.

“What the fuck you say, white boy?”

Mark Jordan, multi-millionaire, slid off his chair and crawled on his hands and knees to the Black secretary’s feet.

“Please, Ma’am, allow this worthless piece of white trash to kiss your Beautiful Black Ass,” he begged.

Tricia was hopelessly confused now, unable to believe what was happening.

“You some kind of perv?” she demanded eventually

“No, Ma’am.” replied Jordan, “just a humble slave who wants only to worship and obey Black Women.”

“Then you are a fucking perv,” sneered Tricia, “a little white boy perv. Ain’t that right, perv?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Jordan said quietly, head bowed, “I’m a little white boy perv, not a real man.”

Tricia laughed out loud. She was beginning to like this. She sauntered over to Jordan’s executive chair making sure to tease her boss by swaying her booty as she did so then extended her leg to offer him her shoe, filthy from the night before.

“Tell you what whitey, you clean my shoes real good, I’ll think about letting you kiss my ass. You can use your tongue for to do the cleaning. That’s all it’s good for ain’t it?”

“I will be honoured to clean Madame’s shoes,” said Jordan

“Then clean them and stop gabbing, asshole!” snapped Tricia, “I ain’t got all fucking day!”

She watched in amusement as her boss began licking the dirt from her cheap shoes, gobbling up the filth from her soles and heels like a human dustbin. She could feel herself getting hot as he debased himself. Yeah, it felt real good bringing whitey to his knees, just as she had always dreamt.

When Jordan had finished he looked up to her for approval but got none.

“My feet are kinda dusty too. I didn’t have time to shower this morning. Clean them too, now!”

Her tone was one of sharp command. She was growing accustomed to her new position of power.

Jordan complied lifting up her feet one by one and licking them clean of the dust and dirt she had picked up from the gutter. He licked between her toes, cleaning away the lint and sucked out the dirt from under her toenails. He cleaned her lovingly, happy in his servitude as Tricia saw from the erection that pushed against his pants. She had never imagined that service could give pleasure, certainly she had never felt any serving her various lovers. Perhaps Jordan felt happy because it was the natural place of whites to serve Black Masters. Well, she had plenty more for him to do.

“Get up, white boy, and lock your door,” she said suddenly, kicking him, “time for your reward.”

Excited beyond anything he had experienced before Jordan hurried to lock the door. Breathlessly, he called his PA and told her to hold all calls and cancel all meetings. Then he turned back to his new Black Mistress.

Tricia had removed her waistcoat and cutoffs and was bent over his desk, her beautiful ass in the air.

“On your knees, asslicker!” she snarled, “On your knees and kiss my Black Ass and I want you to clean it too, clean it good or I’ll whup you good, slaveboy!”

As she had expected, Jordan’s cock leapt at her insults. Well, if humiliation was his kick she had plenty to give him.

Jordan fell back onto his knees and crawled over to the object of his desire. He pressed his face against Tricia’s cool, firm ass and began to kiss her cheeks from top to bottom leaving not even a millimetre untouched. Her beautiful Black skin glistened from the caresses of his mouth. She sighed with satisfaction and reached back to part her cheeks. Jordan pressed even closer against her and placed his tongue in her crack. Then he began to lick, long and hard and deep, cleaning his Mistress’ asshole, worshipping it with his tongue. It was a dream come true for him. At last he had a Black Goddess to worship!

It was a dream come true for Tricia too. She had long desired to have a white boy at her mercy, of teaching him the superiority of the Black race and here was one who had surrendered to her willingly, who would accept any humiliation she dealt him and still be her faithful slave. Just the idea of owning a white man was making her wetter than she had been in a long time. His tongue felt good in her ass too. Jordan was talented for a whitey. He would be a a good cuntlicker. Tricia loved having her pussy licked but she had never found a man who knew how to do it well. Hell, most of her lovers wouldn’t even do it. Just a quick fuck that was all they were interested in. They were only interested in their own pleasure, not hers. But she knew Jordan would be different. He would do anything to please her and that was where he would get his pleasure. He was white but she could live with that. She would use him as a fucktoy, nothing more, just a slut. The rest of the time she’d make him pay for the sins of his race, make him a real slave working his ass off to serve her in return for abuse, degradation and punishment. It would be a whole lot of fun.

“Enough!” she declared sharply. “Get your filthy white tongue out of my Black Ass!”

Jordan hurriedly obeyed, pressing his head to the floor as Tricia turned to address him.

“You like the taste of my ass, white boy? You like the taste of my shit on your tongue?”

“It is too good for white trash like me,” replied Jordan without looking up. “You have honoured me by allowing me to clean you.”

“Fuck, you really are pathetic!” laughed Tricia, “A pathetic white worm, that’s all you are!”

She kicked him, hard.

“On your feet, asslicker. Strip for me. I want to see what your slave ass is made of before I decide whether or not to accept you.”

Jordan stood and slowly removed his expensive clothing and accessories. His tie alone was worth almost as much as a year of Tricia’s salary. She looked at the items in disgust but then paused and considered. A smile crossed her lips. Jordan was rich and soon she would be too. After all, wasn’t she the Mistress and he the slave? And who ever heard of a slave richer than his owner.

It was these thoughts of wealth that ran through her head as she began examining the naked white man in front of her. She took her time, prodding, poking, squeezing, pulling. She wanted the moment to linger, to make him feel like nothing more than a piece of white meat. Wasn’t that what he was after all? No longer her rich boss but her slave. She remembered movies about Black slaves and how their prospective buyers examined them from teeth to cock and she replayed the scenes in that office, revelling in the role reversal. All the while she disparaged the white man.

“Weak arms, fat gut, tiny white cock. What the fuck good are you to a real woman, to a Black Woman?” she demanded finally.

“I am a good slave,” answered Jordan, suddenly afraid he would lose his chance to serve, “I am loyal and obedient. I have spent all my life waiting for the chance to serve a Superior Black Woman. Please Mistress Tricia, give me the chance to serve you, to prove I am your faithful white dog.”

He fell to his knees, clutching Tricia’s legs and kissing her feet, begging to be her slave while she looked down contemptuously. She knew at that moment that his white ass was hers. She owned him now.

“Listen up, you white asshole, I’m gonna give you your chance. You’ll be my slave but only on certain conditions. You’ll turn over your homes to me. I’ll own them like I own you and you’ll live there as my servant, nothing more. If you have Black servants you’ll work under their supervision as their inferior. I want you to dismiss your white servants except for a few bitches. They’ll be my personal attendants. I’ll work you hard bitch and you’ll soon lose that gut of yours. Your arms’ll get stronger too. Nothing I can do about your little cock though. Still, I’m sure I’ll find plenty of ways to use you as my whore!”

“Thank you, Ma’am,” Jordan said gratefully, “That would give me great pleasure.”

“You fucking moron!” yelled Tricia suddenly, slamming her foot into his balls and causing him to cry out in agony. “Your pleasure means nothing! You only exist to give ME pleasure! You are NOTHING! You are my fucking slave whore and nothing more! I own you, white boy, and if you fuck me off I’ll sell your white ass to a whorehouse where you’ll get it fucked by Black Men till you die! Understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” whimpered Jordan, clutching his balls as tears filled his eyes. “I am lower than dogshit on your shoes.”

“You sure as fuck are, you white prick!” said Tricia coldly. “Now back to business. I’ll be leaving my job here of course but I’ll be in charge from now on. I want 51% of the company. From now on you’ll work for me and so will all those other white assholes who’ve given me such a hard time here. They’re gonna pay for that!”

“My lawyer will draw up the papers this afternoon, Ma’am,” said Jordan, resuming his crouched position at her feet.

“Good,” smiled Tricia, writing a note on a piece of paper. “There’s one final instruction on your desk. Do that this afternoon too!”

She dressed, opened the door and swaggered arrogantly past the astonished PA and then out of the building. Jordan meanwhile had been busy on his telephone. A car was waiting for Tricia and the chhauffeur drove her directly to Jordan’s town house. She spent a busy afternoon there meeting his domestic staff and poring over his extensive collection of Black and Femdom porn. It gave her a lot of creative ideas.

Jordan too spent a busy afternoon first with his lawyers and then in a rather seedy tattoo parlor run by two giggling Black Ladies whom he had to ass worship and service orally in turn before he was allowed to leave.

“Better get used to it, whitey,” smiled one patting his ass as he left. “You’re a Black Pussy whore now!”

That night as she reclined in an easy chair drinking a glass of expensive champagne, her obedient white slut between her legs lapping eagerly at her cunt, Tricia pondered on what a wonderful day it had been. She had lost her lover and apartment to a white whore but had gained a white whore of her own as well as a successful business and a string of homes. Best of all she now had the power to realise her dream of Black Female Domination. And she knew just the bitch who needed to learn that lesson first.

She looked down at her cuntlicking white whoreboy, his back emblazoned “Property of Tricia Jackson: Pussy Whore for Black Women,” and smiled.

“Here, bitch,” she said passing him a note “Call this number tomorrow and offer the slut who answers a job here as my personal maid.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” said Jordan taking the note and carefully folding it before resuming his clitsucking duties.

Tricia smiled. She would enjoy teaching Clyde’s new whore some manners. With warm thoughts of revenge in her mind she then surrendered herself to the waves of pleasure Jordan was giving her cunt. He really did know how to use his tongue!

Mar 14 '14

Megan’s Ordeal

Megan’s Ordeal

School dismissed and I rushed out into the courtyard.
School was out for summer. I was 15, and in a hurry to
get my summer underway. Mom was supposed to pick me up.
I scanned the parking lot. She wasn’t there.

Mom and dad had been divorced for years. The years of
heartache without dad mom had turned to a new affair.
Drugs and alcohol. I was disheartened when I saw she
wasn’t in the parking lot, but it did not surprise me.

It was only a few miles and I decided instead of
waiting as the cars in the lot filed out leaving me
very much there by myself I would walk home. Yeah walk
home and give my mom a piece of my mind. I grabbed my
bag, slung it over my shoulders with my shoes and socks
inside, enjoying the cool grass beneath my bare feet.

The warm sun seemed to mock me, almost directly
overhead and seemed to linger there. Beads of sweat
formed on my skin. My white blouse clung to me and I
could feel the sweat dripping, tickling as it rolled
down my breasts. I pulled my hair up and fashioned it
in a ponytail to keep it from clinging to my neck. I
hadn’t wore panties today and could feel the
perspiration in the creases where my legs came
together. I felt sticky and wished at once I was home
taking a shower. I hadn’t wore panties for a while now
to be honest. I was no virgin anymore and delighted in
teasing the boys at Saint John’s School for Boys, which
incidentally was next door to my own catholic school.

Truth was tease was all I did anymore though. A close
pregnancy scare was enough to set reality back in for
me. I didn’t want that. Not at 15. So here I was,
walking home and starting to feel sorry for myself.
Little did I know my day was about to get far worse.

I left the road, taking a small dirt trail. I used to
fish there when I was little with dad and right now
longed for that kind of nostalgia. I walked on by the
creek, hoping to cut my time getting home nearly in
half. Something flipped over my head from behind me. My
hands came up, unable to see what had closed around my
head. It felt like rough cloth, as someone tightened
down on it behind me. I started hyperventilating and
passed out.


When I awoke, I was undressed, and a cold sudden chill
ran over my body and gooseflesh perked along my skin. I
was in a small cramped room. A dirty mattress clung to
the dirt floor. A sink, toilet, and shower were the
only other comforts. I tried covering myself with my
hands. It was dark and the air was musky. Damp.

"Help! Please somebody help!" I cried. But no one could
hear me. No one I’d care to hear me anyway.

I was not bound within my small room and moved about
freely. I was alone in there for what seemed an
eternity. I sought a way out. The ceiling was too far
overhead. There were no doors. There was nothing to use
as a ladder. I started to cry, and not for the first
time. Once I started again the tears flowed freely, and
I balled up naked on that awful mattress and fell


I was startled awake by someone grabbing my ankle. I
kicked away from him but he held tight pressing his
large body over my petite frame. He was a black man,
and he was naked also. “You’d best be quiet now suge.”
Was all he said as he held me down on my belly and
spread my legs. I felt him spit on y shaved cunny and
then he was pushing inside me. I screamed.

He pushed grunting heaving as he fucked me, holding me
down with his weight. I could faintly hear something
behind him, but I was trying desperately to shut it all
out. “Please! Please!” I whispered between sobs. He
pushed harder raising my hips with his large hands so
he could go deeper. And then I felt him cumming inside
me. Actually felt him cum in me. I hadn’t really felt
that before. I closed my eyes and waited for him to

He held me down licking my back and neck and finally
pulled out of me. I hurt. He clamps something around my
neck then fastens it to a clamp on the wall. I realize
it’s a collar. He looks at me for a second. “My you are
a pretty thing.”

He says, “Here’s the deal. You will put out for me and
my friends and whoever I tell you to fuck. In return
you will receive food and water and whatever else you
wish. If you don’t, well, let’s not let it come to
that.” He laughed and I wanted to cry but couldn’t. He
went back up a ladder then drew it up with him. Before
the hatch closed from above he added; “I’ve left you
some friends. Get acquainted. They are your initiation.
After you’re done, I’ll cut the water back on for you
and send down some food.”

"Fuck you!" I managed.

The hatch slammed shut and something stirred in the
room with me. Smacking sounds I couldn’t make out but
suddenly made me cringe. The light that lit my corner
of the room was scarce and coming from somewhere
overhead. The figures moved in that bitter darkness.
They came closer. Dogs! They were dogs. Four of them.
They moved closer nearly on top of me.

I held out my hand and to my surprise they did not
bite. The first licked my hand, as the others sniffed
the air. The first one nudged my shoulder licking the
sweat from my skin. “Stop it boy.” I laughed as it
tickled me. He nudged again this time a bit more
forcefully. I toppled over and realized I set myself
up. The weight of one of the dogs was on my back. I
thought for a second it was playfulness. I was very

His forepaws wrapped around my tiny waist, claws
digging into flesh and drawing blood. I winced and
yelled for him to get off me. The stuffiness of the
room and this dogs fur on my back was making me sweat
again. Then something sharp jabbed into my hind end. I
jerked forward and the sharp thing suddenly slid inside
my cunny. Then the dog began to hump me like a
jackhammer, pistoning in and out of me and I could feel
the sharp thing I could only assume now was his cock
begin to swell inside me.

He drove me across the mattress on my knees. As he
fucked me I cried out, “NO!” I couldn’t believe what
was happening. His cock was so warm inside me the
sensation of fur on my back and this cock inside me, oh
god no. My own body was betraying me. I could feel it
building inside me, involuntarily humping back to meet
his thrusts, feeling what I would later know as the
knot swell against me, shooting his doggy sperm inside
me as my toes curled behind me and I came as he came
inside me.

He quickly dismounted, dog cum warm, ran from me and
down my legs. He took a few licks, long raspy tongue
stretching out across my clit so sensitive and inside
me and finally across my asshole. I balled up again,
knees into my chest, feet tucked under my ass, as dog
cum dribbled from me and onto the soles of my feet
pooling in my arches.

The second dog mounted me awkwardly, and I braced
myself this time. But this dog was clumsy, mounting
then dismounting and I refused to move out of my ball.
He mounted me from the front next humping against my
face. I lowered my head best I could and just let it
happen. There was little my small frame could do
against these large dogs. He dry humped my back and I
could feel the cum shooting all over my neck and back.
He drew away, still spurting cum as the third dog
waited his turn. He simply sat in front of me. Waiting.

I remembered what the black man had said. This was my
initiation. The smell of my sex was strong in the
cramped room. My stomach gurgled. How long had I been
down here? I wouldn’t get food or water until the deed
was done. How could I think about it? The truth of the
matter was it was going to happen whether I wanted it
or not and I was quickly learning that.

I went towards the fourth dog who was lying on his side
and I straddled him. I took hold of his sheathe and
slid his cock out, easing myself onto him. He instantly
began to expand inside me as I went up and down back
and forth on him. The third dog saw me in this position
and took advantage, gripping my waist tight. “No, wait
your…” was all I got out of my mouth when his cock
slid inside my anus. He started humping fiercely. I
could feel him his knot not quite entering me and he
was cumming inside me. So was the dog under me. My toes
curled the feeling of being ravished, of being so
completely full. I shook between them. I suddenly felt
very ashamed of what was happening.

The dog in my ass pulled free and I got up weakly from
the other in my cunny. The light suddenly grew
brighter. I was covered in sweat saliva and dog cum.
The black man lowered the ladder once more and came
down. He was holding a tray. He left the tray with the
food on it and went back up the ladder.

I scarfed the sandwiches down. The dogs eyed me, but I
didn’t care. I was starving. And I hurt. There was no
way I could go at it again. Once I finished, they came
at me again.

I laid down, not allowing them to get me. They were
content to dry hump me however, the first grabbing me
around my waist, humping my ass-cheek. I felt warm
fluid shoot over my skin. I quickly scooted from under
him only this time he was growling. I cowered in the
corner. I had to think fast. He was standing over my
leg so I eased my foot up and rubbed against his
sheathe. He started to hump against my foot. The
redness of his cock poked through the sheathe and I let
him hump my soft foot. He seemed content.

Without warning the intensity with which he was cumming
increased coating my foot and toes, hooting up my legs.
He was finished, and sated, backing away to let the
others at me. I laid on my back and let them come„
taking both feet to either side of them, taking them
between my feet and letting them fuck my feet. It was a
means to an end.

The second finishes cumming blowing all over my feet
and legs and cunny and belly. The third and fourth
manage to finish and I find I’m completely covered down
my front. I bite my lip, only to find the salty taste
of jizz on my lip. The hatch once again opens, and the
dogs dart clumsily up the ladder.

I’m left there, pondering the consequences of my
actions, my thoughts still lingering on the taste of
dog cum on my lips and a very nasty thought crossing my
mind. I was starting to enjoy this.
Megan’s Ordeal - 2
by Serenity Meg (


Megan continues her journey into humiliation as she is
raped by her black kidnapper and his animals. (MMf-
teen, nc, rp, intr, beast, huml, foot-fetish)



I turned the water on. I could feel the sudden rush of
water through the cold pipes, grateful as I sat there
in my filth. Dog cum crusted on my skin. I smelled,
reeked of sweat and wet dog. I let the water pour over
me from the showerhead. It wasn’t warm, but fairly
comfortable. I was grateful to have water. I touched my
lips, still tasting the salty remnants of cum I found

I felt the water trickle down my young body, scrubbing
hard to get the filth off me. I turned the water off
and lay on the dirty mattress. In the humidity of my
cramped room I was soon sweating again, wondering when
the black man would return.

I sat there, waiting. I wasn’t sure whether I was
terrified of what was to come, or anticipating it.
Perhaps both. Exhaustion finally overtook me and I fell

I awoke some time later. I was still in my dark hole.
Still naked. But now there was a light on. Next to my
mattress was some food and a beer. I didn’t drink beer,
but I finished it off very quickly. The roast beef
sandwiches were good also. When I finished, my stomach
suddenly felt very bad, like I had been drugged. My
vision narrowed and I fell back onto the mattress, and
passed out.

When I woke again I was no longer in the confines of my
room, but outside. The bright sun blinded me and I
tried to cover my eyes, but my hands were bound to my
sides with rope.

"See?" The black man’s voice said behind me. "I told

"Damn, old fool. You do gotsa white bitch around here
don’t you?” Another voice spouted behind me.

"Go ahead. Try her." At those words, I closed my eyes
and held the tears back. I was on my back, legs pulled
apart, ankles bound to stakes in the ground. I watched
as he shoved his thick black cock inside me. He lurched
over me fucking me. He moaned and I tried to just be
somewhere else.

He stopped pulling from me. “I’ve gotta lick that ass,”
he said, Kneeling before me and cupping my ass, pulling
one stake from the ground, then the other. The other
black man gave me a look like I’d better not try

The younger black man’s tongue licked across my
asshole, making me shiver. The thought was nasty, but
the feeling not completely unpleasant. When he was
finished, he resumed fucking me. I turned my head,
feeling my small body being pushed, the unique feeling
of grass and soil on my back clinging to me under that
hot sun.

He told me he was going to cum and pulled from me, then
lowered himself over my face stroking that long slick
black cock over my face. He exploded, shooting thick
strands over my face. It stung my eyes, but I couldn’t
move. He finished, smearing his cock across my lips as
he squeezed the last bit out. I closed my mouth and
kept eyes shut until I felt him get off me.

He spoke with the older man who had kidnapped me and
then left. The old man chored about behind me. I could
still hear him, but it was as if he had forgotten me. I
sat there and baked under that warm sun. When he
finally returned to me he had a wide grin on his face.
“Are you ready?” He asked. His voice was almost
friendly and I almost let my guard slip. I tensed back

I shook my head.

"All the same, he’s ready for you." He said, grabbing
the ropes binding my wrists and literally dragged me to
a nearby shed. There, I saw a large horse. The old man
laughed. “Oh, you’ll have him soon enough.” Confused I
only looked at him as he dragged me to another stall.
He pushed me face first over a small bench and bound my
knees and wrists to the bench. He stood back and opened
another door.

A large boar came in the room and I screamed to the old
black man. “P-please let me go,” I begged as the boar
raced towards me. The room and that distance seemed
both too great and not big enough as the large boar
tore across the room straight for me. The old man only
laughed large black cock in hand stroking as the boar’s
weight was on me. I could not move.

Something warm and slimy crept against my buttock, but
again I couldn’t do anything. It slipped inside me, the
boar squealed pushing against me. God he stunk. He
pushed, his corkscrew cock felt weird inside me
tickling as it squirmed inside me. Rubbing the inside
wall of my cunny, stroking my g-spot. I felt it

My toes curled and my body shook. Copious amounts of
warm cum flooded my cunny from his cock. I buried my
head against my arm, stretched as I was beneath him.
Warm globs of cum spilled from me and down my leg as
the boar continued to hump. The proximity of his body
lingering over mine made me sick. I was dripping sweat.
All I wanted was another shower.

The old man came over and shoved his cock in my face. I
was delirious, what I call drunk on the high of a
strong orgasm. I didn’t pull away. I opened my mouth as
he slid his thick black cock down my throat, fucking my
face. He thrust, and I felt the saliva escape my lips
gagging and suddenly he was cumming in my mouth. He
grunted and pulled away zipping up his cock in his
pants. The boar still held me down, still cumming
inside me, his cock swirling around, occasionally
humping against me.

And then he too was done. I started to cry, laying my
head on my arm, letting the tears flow freely down my

The old man put the boar up and let me up, allowing me
to walk back to my room. That damn room. As we walked,
huge thick globs of cum went down my legs. It felt
nasty and gooseflesh crawled along my skin. I was
blindfolded, led through his house I only assume, and
tossed back into my hole. The hatch closed behind me
and there the dogs were, waiting. I didn’t fight,
simply getting on all fours as they closed around me.

The first one mounted me. No licking. No foreplay.
Simply mounted me, huge red cock sliding inside my all
ready wet cunny, forepaws wrapped around my tiny waist,
fucking me hard, cumming inside me. So warm. I could
feel him cumming my own pussy clenching around him
wanting this I know realized, humping back to meet his
thrusts voluntarily. Trying to feel that bulge inside
me, that wonderful knot.

But he didn’t. He pushed and pulled still cumming
inside me. The knot slipped in and out, my pussy ached.
I lowered my head, shaking. I moaned aloud and didn’t
care. He pistoned inside me like a mighty jackhammer,
gripping me tight muscles rippling fur so warm on my
back the hard packing sounds as his body met mine.
Cumming inside me and my young body wanting needing it.
My whole body shook, my pussy so tight around him.
Feeling him cumming inside me throbbing. Finally he
pulled free, and the next dog a German Shepherd was
right there.

"Fuck me!" I pleaded. And he did, mounting me mere
seconds after the first. “Fucking cum inside me.” I
cried. He quickened his pace, fucking me hard, driving
me forward on my knees, feet flailing behind me. I felt
his knot seal inside me my cunny squeezing him tight.

My body shook as his knot teased my clit indirectly. I
rolled my hips to meet his thrusts, and then he was
still, throbbing cock still spraying inside me. He
finally turned ass to me still locked inside me and I
felt the sudden urge to pee, later I would discover
this as something entirely. I was gushing. I didn’t
care. The dog, still locked in me, seemed content. I
fingered my clit as another dog, the third of the group
of four tried mounting me while the other dog was still
in me.

He mounted from the front, red cock thrusting at my
shoulder, forepaws scratching my neck and breast. He
readjusted, spraying a powerful jet across my face. I
took him in my mouth, as he started fucking my face.
The dog in me decided to kneel down something I found
odd, still lodged inside me, and I was forced to
readjust, tucking my feet under my ass, knees into
chest as the other dog continued humping my mouth.

I was careful of the knot, worried something that large
would stick behind my teeth. And he was cumming too,
cumming in my mouth. I felt like the dirty little dog
whore I was becoming.

The dog inside me slipped free, a torrent of warm cum
poured over the bare soles of my feet. The fourth dog
was immediately behind me, gripping me tight around my
tiny waist huge cock sliding inside me. The dog cumming
in my mouth pulled free still shooting as I held it in
my hand. Spray, dog cum, trickled across my nipples and
across the small mounds of my breasts and belly. Then,
the fourth was cumming again. I was going numb,
sweating under the heap of fur.

The first had recovered and was ready again. Waiting
patiently. The fourth dog’s cock slid from me, and
generously, he licked my aching cunny, long raspy
tongue snaking inside me and across my asshole. That
made me shiver.

"MMmmm. Yeah. Fucking lick that dog cum from my pussy."
I whispered not believing the words coming out of my
mouth and getting wetter having said them. The dog’s
tongue worked over my sensitive skin, tongue folding,
actually folding as it slid inside me. Licking lapping
at my pussy.

Over my ass. And then nipping at me. I instinctively
moved a hand down there. He mounted me, slipping inside
my all ready full cunny. Warm cum trickled down my
thighs. I felt as though my own orgasms would never
subside, carried along by wave after wave.

I bucked back to meet his every thrust. His knot began
to swell and he pushed, fucking me harder determined to
drive it further inside me. I bucked back harder. I
could feel it, and the engorged area only made it that
much more sensitive. I was actually salivating. I
didn’t care.

And then he stopped fucking me, I could feel his warm
red pointy member lodged inside me spraying inside me.
Filling me with his seed. He dismounted me, turning
around, painfully, but not unbearable pulled the knot
free. His cock slid from me, still spraying. Quickly
replaced by dog number two.

He wasted no time, mounting me, his cock not swollen
any, jabbing me with his sharp pointy cock. It slid
inside me and as always he picked up pace fucking me
hard. A sharp pain shot through me and I tried getting
away, but he held me hard, and I could feel him growing
bigger inside me. I moaned, fingers digging into loose

The hatched opened. The black man had returned.
“Enjoying yourself?”

"Ughh!" Was all I could manage.

He smiled and led the other three dogs up the ladder.
He sat there at the top looking down on me. He looked
concerned. The ladder withdrew and the hatch closed.

The final dog finished. I lay there, panting, sweating
and shaking in that brutal humidity. He pulled free of
me. The hatch opened ladder descended and dog scurried

I could hardly move. No longer caring. Covered in boar
cum, dog cum sweat, saliva, and dirt, I exhausted
myself to sleep by crying. What had I become?

Continued in part 2…

`6_ 6 ) `-. ( ).`-.__.`)
(_Y_.)’ ._ ) `._ `. “-..-‘
_..`—‘_..-_/ /—‘_.’ ,’
(((’ (((-(((” ((((
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material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Megan’s Ordeal - 3
by Megan (


I find the depravity of my captor turns me into a
willing participant, a junkie for the high his depraved
games brings but when a classmate is entered into the
fray, a power struggle ensues, and I find the old
saying “you can never go home again” stands very true.
(Mff, nc, rp, f/beast, foot-fetish, v, sn)


I awoke for the umpteenth time. My cunny was sore and I
was exhausted and confused. I had been down in my small
cramped hole for days, maybe weeks, for time had lost
all meaning to me. I was only fifteen and at first an
unwilling participant, but that had changed. I found
myself longing for the depravity my black host offered.

I was still mixed up about the whole thing. I sill
cried myself to sleep, only to wake and find some new
form of depravity and humiliation waiting for me. I had
been raped and fucked and no longer cared. But I did
long for it. And that was the horrible truth of it.

I hated myself for wanting it. I had experienced mind
blowing orgasms, and like any junkie, I was always
looking for the next high. I had lost myself to it,
wiling to do nearly anything…

I stared at the hatch, waiting for it to open. My room
smelled heavily of sex. I remained covered in sweat,
cum, and saliva. It was the ultimate in depravity.
Perhaps I had received my “breaking” and had given in
to the way things were. I had stopped fighting.

The hatch finally swung open, the ladder descended, but
the dogs did not come. Instead, the black man, whom I
never asked his name, came down from above. He seemed
little and insignificant. Yes, he was the orchestrator
of my current situation, but I viewed him as little
more than a ticket puncher. He let me get on the rides
and that is all he was to me.

He smiled and put the collar around my neck, and led me
on a short leash. Truth was, I had turned things
around. In keeping me a victim of his rapes and
demented games, he was getting off on the power it gave
him. His games were becoming more desperate and
perverse, and I was starting to enjoy the next ever
better than the last. I was hungry for it.

He brought me up, and ordered me to lie down on a
rubber mat. I did. Above me, hoses dangled above me and
extended up into the ceiling.

"Had these made especially for you. There are several
horses on the grounds. Balls are heavy and full of
sperm, but I think they’d likely kill you. But these
hoses feed off a pressure system and I’ve been
collecting their cum from an artificial inseminator. It
feeds directly to these hoses.” The black man told me.
“I have another treat however. One you may not have
anticipated.” He attached one of my small wrists to a
chain extending from a small block of concrete. “I’ll
be right back.” He left and I pondered the thought of
so much cum drowning me. It sounded ridiculous, but
then, so did most of what I had done here.

When the man came back, he was driving a small,
dilapidated forklift, carrying a large garden tub. He
set it down beneath the hoses next to me. He undid my
bindings and ordered me into the tub. I started to when
I realized the tub wasn’t empty.

Janice had been my classmate and although we weren’t
the closest, I still called her friend. She had been
with a search party looking for me for days. When the
police called it off, she had not and carried on the
search herself. She had carried the search door to
door, and eventually landed here. When the black man
realized she was alone, he simply took her as well. And
now, here she was.

Janice lay in the bottom of the tub, clean, and bare
naked. Her wrists and ankles were bound. I wasn’t a
lesbian. Had not ever thought of that as being a
preference, but there, staring at her naked presence,
eyes closed in gentle sleep, perhaps drugged as I had
been. She looked so beautiful. I wanted to kiss her.
Wondered what her lips felt like touching mine. I ran
my fingers through her dark hair. She moaned and I
instantly felt myself getting wet. She parted her legs,
and my eyes traced down from her breasts to her belly,
to the cleft where her legs came together. Bare.
Hairless like mine. I bit my bottom lip.

She stirred, eyes creeping open, then shot wide awake.
“Megan!” She yelled.

The old man cackled. “Keep her quiet. I’ll get the
machines ready.” He said, then added, “Don’t try
anything foolish girls.”

I nodded.

"What’s going on?" Janice asked, looking at me

I drew closer to her. “Janice your going to have to
trust me.” I whispered as I cut the bindings holding
her ankles. I didn’t cut her wrists bonds yet. I
continued. “He gets his kicks out of control over you.
Over making us suffer. It doesn’t have to be
unpleasant. So just go with it. Turn the tables on him
ok?” I added, holding her in my arms. She was petite
also, tiny buds of breasts. She looked at me with fear.

It felt nice to have her soft skin against mine.

"What is he going to do?"

I didn’t want to tell her everything. “I dunno. He’s
getting drastic. Whatever happens, don’t let him get to
you, though.” I held her hand and she kissed my
fingers. It was soft and wet.

We heard machines come on nearby and a gentle fwoosh as
air started through the hoses. Warm horse cum started
through the hoses. It was thick and there was a ton of
it. Soon, the tub was full and both of us were covered
literally from head to toe. Our hair was matted back. I
told Janice not to let any get in her eyes.

"What is this?" She asked.

"You really wanna know?" I asked back.

Her face peeled back in a look of utter disgust.

The old man returned. “Ok. Clean her up.” He ordered,
cock in hand stroking earnestly.

Deep down, I grinned but didn’t let Janice see. I took
her leg and held it up to my mouth, licking along her
inner thigh, the inside of her knee, along her calf, to
her ankle. I kissed it and looked at her. She had shut
her eyes. I licked along the heel to the arch of her
foot kissing licking sucking. Cleaning the horse cum
off her. It was very warm. The taste was hard to
describe, but suffice to say it was distinctively

I licked and kissed the ball of her foot, then sucked
each toe into my mouth, one at a time, savoring her. I
started on the other leg working back to her foot and
felt her shiver. She opened her eyes and looked at me.
She extended her leg foot against my mouth as I kissed
and licked her other foot.

The black man had stopped stroking. His cock had gone

I smiled sucking her toes like they were miniature
cocks. She moaned. “Feels good.” She said. I sucked,
swirling my tongue around her toes. Kissing back along
her legs, spreading her legs, raising up out of the
goo. I cupped her ass in my hands and kissed her naked
vagina, easing my tongue inside her, licking all over
as she mover her bound hands over my head running
through my cum soaked hair. I licked her all over, lost
in the moment lost in her. She ground her hips against
my hungry mouth.

I licked and teased and bit gently at her swollen clit.
She shuddered and moaned aloud. Her legs kicked around
shaking on the outer bowl of the tub. I kept my pursuit
on, licking and teasing. I tugged on her clit with
slight pressure as she shook with orgasm, fingering her
with three fingers. I moved up kissing her belly to her
breasts, swirling around one nipple then the other,
still fingering, rubbing my own clit, as I kissed her
neck, earlobe, then we were kissing passionately
breasts pressed together, tongues dancing with each
other. She pushed me back against the opposite side.

She grabbed my leg doing the same as I had to her,
working down to my sensitive feet. I moaned, beyond
caring. She was intoxicating. It had taken some time
for me to come to this point and here she was doing
what she was doing so freely. I nearly lost it right
there. She licked along the arch of my foot to my toes
kissing each sucking each into her mouth. I shook. I
rubbed my clit frantically. I shook violently as she
licked and sucked my toes as I rubbed my clit. I lost
balance and head slipped beneath the pool of still warm
horse cum.

Janice pulled my head up. “He’s gone!” She said,

"Let’s go. But be careful." I advised. We got up from
the tub, slippery and soaked in horse cum. She still
looked so beautiful.

We started barefoot across the lawn when we heard the
dogs. I held her hand heart racing, and we snuck around
behind one of the sheds. My mouth dropped.

There were dogs everywhere. By conservative amount
there had to be a hundred, chained by their collars to
a central hub, a concrete slab much like the one I had
been chained to. The thought of fucking so many dogs
made my pussy ache. A cold chill ran down my spine. It
was far more likely they were bred for other purposes.
To keep us in.

My heart sank. I gripped Janice’s hand.

I told her to wait here. I got on all fours and crawled
close to the dogs. It smelled horrible. Unkempt and
horribly neglected. The first dog came over and sniffed
me teeth bared, growling. It was one of the four
regulars. He mounted me and his cock slid easily inside
me fucking me hard. My toes began to curl. I looked
back at Janice, who was touching her mouth in
disbelief. The other dogs were getting excited. Finally
a bitch in heat.

I motioned for her to run for it. The dogs were purely
interested in me now and disregarded her as she ran
past to get help. She didn’t make it far. The old man’s
shovel came up and smacked her in the face. He stepped
from his hiding place.

"Thought ya’ll would get the best of me?" He cackled. I
looked at him in disgust, as the first dog came in me.
He pulled from me and I tried getting up, but was a
second too slow. The second dog had all ready mounted
me and I was much too weak and far too small to handle
any dogs this size. He was a rottweiller, and a big one
too. His cock started to swell inside me as he jack
hammered away inside me his knot tying inside me.
Spraying cum in me with such force. I couldn’t believe
it. My toes curled as a powerful orgasm racked my small
frame. Other dogs licking my sides, my face as I lay
prone. Licking the sides of my breasts.

I watched in horror as a dog mounted Janice’s
unconscious body, dry humping her, spraying his load
all over her. When he finished I noticed fresh
scratches on her legs from his paws. I looked at the
old man pumping his cock over the unconscious girl.

Another dog mounted me then another. Too tired to keep
it up, pussy sore, I too collapsed, as they dry humped
me. Cum was everywhere.

I was crying again, something I had not done in a
while. Not for my abuse but for that put on Janice. I
felt to blame.

The side of her face was bruised. I lay there watching,
only able to watch as the old man fucked her mouth. I
couldn’t tell if she was unconscious still or not. Not
that it mattered but it seemed less cruel to know she
was asleep while it happened.

The old man finished, wiped his cock across her mouth
and disappeared again. I limped over to her, the dogs
having finished. Some had had several goes. I was
bleeding and felt like throwing up. Dog cum poured from
me and down my legs. I hurt so bad. I limped to Janice.

She was awake, crying, tears and cum had made her
mascara run. I held her head in my lap.

"You know." She managed. "It will never be the same

The words were deep and wise and I found myself
agreeing with her. Deep down, I knew we could never
leave here. I stroked her face. A plan was forming in
my little deviant brain.

The old man waited a long while before coming back
around to check on us. Janice still lay where he had
hit her. Had he killed her? He raced to her side to
check on her, all the while looking around for me. He
knelt down. I rushed him from exactly the same place he
had hidden. “Surprise asshole!” Janice spouted as I
smacked him with the shovel. I didn’t stop.

Afterwards we dumped his body in a small creek nearby.
Janice sat playing with her toes in the dirt. “What’s
wrong?” I asked, applying a cold rag I had found to her
bruised face.

"We can never go home again."

She was right. Things had happened. We couldn’t leave
this place. I simply nodded and held her tight in my

"Let’s go get washed up," I suggested. Janice managed a
smile and we both hobbled over to the old man’s
farmhouse. “We’ll work things out.”

"Yeah, we’ll work it out," Janice repeated.

Mar 14 '14

Marriage gone Black

Marriage gone Black.

My life in a small Nebraska town was dull. My father a Baptist minister controlled my life. No dating with out his approval we had to be perfect family of a minister. After high school he sent me to a local junior college to learn accounting. Then I was expected to go to work locally.
When I graduated from college the neighbor boy had just graduated from college with a bachelor degree in accounting and had got a job in Los Angeles California.
This was my chance to get out of this small town and away from my father. So I started flirting with Ben the guy next door. He responded and asked me to marry him. Of course I said, “Yes.” My father married us and we left for California.
Life changed once we got to Los Angeles. No more long skirts and dresses now I could wear mini skirts and dresses, halter tops and shorts. Ben liked my new choice of clothes.
Ben went to work at the big accounting firm and I got a job at a small distribution company. My job was to keep the books and do the billing. My boss was a tall good looking black man, the secretary was a Hispanic lady and the guys in the warehouse and the truck drivers were black men and very muscular.
I settled in and was well received as any cute five foot four inch blond would be.
My married life was so-so, Ben was not the great lover and my sex life was dull and Ben had a small cock that left me wanting something more. He seemed to get excited watching me dress and undress but being nude didn’t seem to turn him on.
One Saturday after noon Ben had gone golfing with a friend from work so I decided to wash his car for him. When I opened the trunk to vacuum it I found a suitcase which I opened to see what was inside. There was women’s underwear and nightie along with magazines about transvestites. I looked through the magazines at the pictures of men dressed in lingerie and having sex with other men. I read some of the stories about submissive she-males and how they were turned on by the feel of lingerie.
Now I understood why Ben liked it when I was in my lingerie but not naked. I felt betrayed but I had discovered a way to be in charge of this sissy I had married. I didn’t let on that I had discovered his secret; this gave me time to take charge of his kinky ways.
At work my desk faced the restroom in the office. Every once in a while one of the guys would run in a take a quick piss, one day the door didn’t close all the way and I could see Baron my boss taking a leek. I couldn’t believe how big his cock was; it seemed about three times the size of my sissy husband’s.
When Baron turned to leave the restroom he realized that the door had not closed. He grinned and said, “Opps sorry I didn’t close the door all the way.”
I replied, “I’m not.” I could feel my face turning red and it was not from embarrassment but from the heat of lust at the thought of what that big cock would feel like inside of me.
Baron replied, “Care to step into my office and tell me what you meant by that remark?”
I replied, “Oh yes I would very much like to.”
Baron’s office had only one window and it looked down into the ware house and the secretary had gone to lunch and had locked the front door. So it was private as to what went on there. There we were in his office looking at each other. He asked, “What did you want to say?”
I felt my heart beating faster and my breathing faster as I asked, “Do all black men have big cocks like yours?”
“Some of us have even bigger cocks, why do you ask?”
“Because my husband has such a little cock that I get no enjoyment from sex with him.”
Baron smiled and asked. “So you would like to see what a real man’s cock would feel like.
I took a deep breath and replied, “Oh yes I would very much like to feel what a big hard cock would feel like.” As I stepped forward and run my hand over the long hard lump in his pants.
He leaned over and kissed me his tongue sliding into my mouth his hands sliding over my ass cheeks, and then sliding under my mini-skirt.
I undid his belt, un-buttoned and run his zipper down then pushed his pants and shorts down. His hard cock sprang up and I took it in both hands. I felt my panties sliding down and I let them fall to my ankles, and then stepped out of them. My juices were flowing and his cock was getting slick with pre-cum.
Baron laid me back on his desk, I spread my legs and he slid that big hard cock into my hot pussy. I moaned with delight as he filled my lustful desire. I felt filled like never before as he slowly moved his big hard cock in and out. Leaning over me he kissed me and said, “Your one hot tight bitch Alice let me see your tits.”
I unbuttoned my blouse and pulled my bra straps down so he could see my breasts. He smiled and leaned over and licked my nipples making them hard I never knew it could feel so good. I felt his finger stroke my clitoris sending excitement through me like I never felt before. I was breathing hard and moaning, “Oh Baron fuck me, fuck me hard.”
He fucked me fast them slow making me want more of his hard cock. Sex with Ben had never been this great and would never be as far as I was concerned. Then he responded to my call for a hard fuck driving his hard cock into me. I felt my first orgasm shaking me with excitement.

Then he pulled out and shot his load of cum my breasts stomach and up to my face. I lay there on his desk letting my breathing return to normal as Baron smiled down at me. He reached up and pinched my nipples sending ripples of excitement through my body. I lay there smiling at him and enjoyed the feeling.
“Kit will be coming back from lunch any time now; we will continue this at a later time.” He said this with a smile and I smiled back and asked for a Kleenex, he replied let it dry on your chest and just wipe your face off I want you to smell my cum for the rest of the day.” So that is what I did and the smell of his cum drove me wild with the need to have his big black hard cock filling me.
Every time one of the Holt came in from the ware house came into drop off papers he would sniffed the air and smiled at me. My body heat drying Barons cum was like a strong perfume. When Joe and Buck the truck drivers dropped of their paper work at the end of the day they too sniffed and smiled. Kit the secretary didn’t seem to notice. Then I remembered that she seemed to smell the same way after she came back from lunch. I found out later her and Holt were having sex during their lunch hour.
As we were closing the office Ben called and said that he was working overtime and would be about three hours late getting home. Baron heard me telling Ben it would be ok that I would get a bit to eat on the way home.
So Baron asked if I would like to join Joe, Buck and him for a drink in the brake room before leaving. I said, “Why of course I would.”
The brake room was up stairs over the office. It had a bath room with a shower a kitchen area, a large sofa-bed, large sturdy table and chairs.
Baron got some beers out of the refrigerator and passed them around to Joe, Buck and I. As we sat there Joe and Buck passed some money to Baron who was smiling at them. “Is that for the beer?” I asked.
“No, that is for winning the bet on which one of us would get to screw you first.” Baron Replied.
His answer made me feel excited and I could feel my pussy starting to get wet at the thought of his big hard cock, so I replied, “It’s nice to know that I’m that desirable to you guys.”
Joe asked, “Was this the first time with a black man for you?”
Blushing at his boldness I replied, “Yes it was and it was the first time that I enjoyed having sex.”
Buck smiled at me and said, “What made it so enjoyable?”
The beer must have loosened my tongue so I replied, “The size of Barons cock was the first thing and how he made it last was second. My husband has a small cock and comes to quick.” After I said it I realized the look of lust in the eyes as they looked at me. It was then I noticed that there were long lumps in their pants.
Then I asked, “Does all black men have big cocks?”
Baron replied, “We will show you why women who try black never go back to small white cock.” They all stood up and dropped their pants.
I sat there looking at three of the biggest, longest cocks I had ever seen. My panties was sopping wet and my breathing was getting heavier as the thought of getting fucked by all there of those long hard black cocks. I stood up and walked over and felt each of them as they undressed me.
Buck laid me back on the table and slid his hard cock into my pussy filling it. Baron and Joe took turns kissing me and playing with my nipples until I had an orgasm. Then Joe slid big hard cock into me and fucked me hard until he pulled out and shot his load of cum over my tits and face. Buck slid back into me and fucked me hard until he was ready to come and he shot his load of cum on my tits and face also. Baron slid his cock in to my sopping pussy and proceeded to fuck my long and hard until he shot his load into my well fuck pussy.
I lay there with a big smile on my cum covered face and said, “God that was fantastic I never knew sex could be so exciting. I know I will never go back to small white cock again.”
They helped me up and took me into the shower where they washed and played with my body, feeling my tits, kissing me and telling me how great I was to fuck.
We finally got dressed and I started home stopping for some fast food first. When I arrived home I was too tired to wait up for Ben so I went to bed knowing that there was great sex available and I knew I could get it.
The next morning at breakfast Ben said that Halloween was coming up and the office was not having a party but may be we could find one to go to. It was then I thought about how I could make the best of this sissies desire to dress as a girl.
When I got to work the guys were very nice to me and kept saying see you to night. I knew what they ment by seeing, it would be my naked body on the lunch room table and it made me smile at the thought of all those big black hard cocks fucking my pussy. Also there would be Baron’s hard cock filling me at lunch time.
I asked, “Would there be a Halloween party at work?”
Baron said, “If you want one, we will arrange it.”
“I’m forming an interesting one that will take care of a situation that will make my life much more interesting.”
“What situation will that be?”
“Well my husband seems to have this kinky desire to dress in women’s underwear and reads magazines that show men dressed like a slut having sex with other men. He doesn’t know that I have found out his kinky desires.”
“Oh I know about them sissy’s that like to be fucked like they were a slut. There are lots of them here in Los Angeles. What is this got to do with us?”
“Black-mail him into submission so I can enjoy sex the way I want to that is the reason.”
“As in some pictures of him dressed as a she-male and getting fucked my real man?”
“That should do it quite nicely, and then I can have more enjoyable sex with a real man.”
“Just how are you going to get him to submit to being used for a black mans sexual pleasure?”
“I have already started him on his way to becoming as you call it a she-male. I got a second prescription for female hormones and have been telling him that it was a vitamin tablet.”
“Oh that is sneaky.”
“Next I’m going to get him to admit to his kinky cross-dressing and make him come to the Halloween party as a French maid. Where we can make him serve you as a bi-sexual slut he wants to be.”
“What make you think he is bi-sexual?”
“Those magazines he has shows men dressed as sluts sucking cocks and getting their ass fucked. So I’m very sure that is his kinky desires.”
“It is going to be one interesting party.”
“By the way Kit has gone to lunch so let’s go to your office for ours.”
“I bet you want a big tube steak for lunch?”
We went into his office and closed the door. I took my panties and mini-skirt off and Baron removed his pants shorts and shoes. I opened my blouse and let my tits show as I stopped wearing a bra and started wearing nylons in stead of pantyhose.
Baron took me into his arms and kissed me, pushing his tongue deep into my mouth his hands playing with my nipples and pussy making me hot to fuck that long hard cock of his. Pushing me back on the couch he rubbed his cock over my lips and asked, “Want to suck my big black cock bitch?”
“I’m not ready for that yet just slid that big cock in to me.”
He knelt in front of me and filled my pussy with his big hard cock. Smiling down at me he said, “Have you ever been fucked in the ass bitch?”
I replied, “Never even thought of it.”
“Once you try it you will want more.”
“I will think about it.”
“Your sissy husband will be begging for it once we fuck him I just knows it.”
Baron was pinching my nipples and clit driving me wild with lust I was lost in the feeling and excitement of his big hard cock fucking me. He put my legs up on his shoulders so he could deeper into my pussy which I enjoyed. Then he pulled out and placed his hard cock against my ass hole and shoved before I could react his hard cock was forcing its way into my ass.
I screamed as my ass stretched to take his big black cock as he said, “Relax bitch and enjoy it your ass is now black mans property,”
I moaned and the pain of his big cock turn into a new pleasure I had never felt before. I knew he was right I was addicted to big black cocks and would never go back to small white cocks. I moaned, “Oh fuck me, fuck me hard.”
“Your learning bitch that black men rule when it comes to fucking white bitches like you.”
All I could say in reply was, “Oh God fuck me harder, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” His hard cock felt twice as large as it used my ass for it’s sexual pleasure, when he shot his load of cum I could feel it shooting several times. His thumb rubbing my clit sent me into one big orgasm. It took awhile for my breathing to return to normal. It took him awhile to pull out as I had hooked my legs behind his butt and wouldn’t let him slide that big black cock out until I was ready to let him.
Baron smiled down at me and said, “Hay bitch you like being fucked by big black cock.” Then he leaned over and kissed me long and hard letting his tongue fill my mouth as I sucked on it.
After work we to gather in the break room I was walking bow legged as my ass was very sore from being fucked by Baron. The guys started to pass Baron money.
So I asked, “Ok guys what kind of bet was is it this time?”
Buck replied, “It was to see who would be first to shove his hard cock in to your sexy ass hole.”
I replied, “It sounds like I was hired to be the office slut for your big black cocks to enjoy.” By that time they had got out of their clothes and started to undress me for their gang bang pleasure.
It got to be a routine at work that Baron would fuck me for lunch and the guys would gang bang me after work.
At home I had started in on Ben; first I dressed in sexy lingerie and walked around the house that way. It got his attention so I told him that it was to improve our sex life as I had read that men enjoy sexy lingerie. He took the bate; so told him that it would turn me on to see him enjoying the feel of sexy lingerie also and that he should buy some to wear.
The next day he showed me what he had purchased. It looked like what he had in the suitcase that was in car. So I played along and had him shave his body before trying on his lingerie. Once he was dressed in his lingerie I suggested some light make up and redid his hair into a page-boy style.
The result was fantastic he better as a woman that a man. This was working out better than I had planed. I had him lay on his back while I straddled him. I took control of his small cock which was hard and moved slow then fast as I rode him making sexual encounter last as long as possible. Ben thought it was the best sex he ever had. I knew what was better.
As Halloween got closer I had him buy a French maids uniform. He got this short pink satin uniform. He tried it on for me and he did look quite sexy in it. My how my sissy boy was shaping up for his coming party as a sissy slut that I knew he was.
Baron had told me that black men enjoyed fucking white sissy guys, well I had one for them to enjoy and I was looking forward to watching it happen. I figured once I got Ben hooked and black mailed I could enjoy having more freedom to fuck real men.
I started to call Ben Brenda my maid to serve me and he did as he was told. Brenda enjoyed doing the house work for me. This was working out better that I expected.
Halloween arrived and I had gone straight home that evening to make sure Brenda was ready for the party. Ben was nervous at going out in public in a pink maid’s uniform so I suggested he could use my long rain coat as we were about the same size. I had planned for some resistance so I suggested a leather collar to cover his Adams apple. He stood with his back to me as I put it on, what he didn’t know it had a leather strap hanging down the back with two wrist cuffs attached.
I told him to hold his arms behind him; before he realized it I had cuffed each wrist. Brenda was now my sissy slut slave. I put the rain coat over his shoulders and took him out to the car and belted him into the passenger seat.
“Why the collar and wrist cuffs? He kept asking.
“You’re my sexy slave maid now Brenda and will be from now on.” Was my reply
We arrived at the office and I let us in then took Brenda back to the break room. As we walked in I took the rain coat off and said, “Here is my husband who is now called Brenda and will be my sissy slut maid from now on.”
The guys all started to drool over Brenda and started to make comments.
Baron said, “Sissy pink for the she-male sluts coming out party.”
Joe lifted Brenda’s skirt and said, “Virgin white panties and nylons for the sissy boys
Buck said, “Dam good looking for a sissy slut guy make my cock hard just looking this sissy slut.”
Ben replied, “What is going on here Alice?”
I replied, “Why Brenda I discovered your collection of she-male magazines showing sissy guys dressed in sexy lingerie having sex with real men. So I decided that you should enjoy the real thing and learn what real cocks are like.”
Ben asked, “Why this? I never had sex with a man before I just fantasized about it.”
I replied, “Your Brenda now and you’re going to learn to enjoy what it is like to serve a real man size cock. You’re a nothing but a small dick sissy that likes to dress in women’s lingerie so you might as well be a sexy she-male slut to real men.”
Brenda replied. “You don’t really mean this do you?”
The guys were now undressed and was standing in front of us with their big hard black cocks dripping pre-cum.
Brenda had no choice with his wrists bound behind Joe and Buck forced him to his knees. They started to rub their hard cocks over his face leaving strings of pre-cum. Brenda asked, “What’s come over you why are you doing this?”
I took off my mini skirt, panties and blouse leaving on my garter belt and nylons. I replied, “Watch how a real man can fuck a woman and make her enjoy it.” I then pulled Baron to me and kissed him as he guided my back to the table and pushed me back on to it.
He lifted both of my legs up and slid his big hard long black cock into my hot pussy.
I then said, “Oh Baron fuck my hot pussy fill it with that big hard cock. Fuck me like a real man can.” I looked over at Brenda and smiled.
The look on Brenda’s face was at first shock but turned to lust as he watched Barons big cock fuck my pussy.”
Buck took Brenda’s head in his hands and rubbed his hard cock over her lips saying, “Suck it sissy boy suck it good. You know you been wanting to suck a real mans cock.”
Brenda slowly opened his mouth and let Buck’s big hard black cock slide past her lips. Brenda’s submission had begun.
I smiled and said, “Looks like you guys will have a hot sucking mouth to enjoy from now on.”
Buck replied, “Suck it good sissy boy use your tongue on the under side. We will teach to be good cock sucker. You will learn that your mouth and ass is for your black master’s pleasure, you sissy cock sucker you.”
The degrading talk was having the desired effect on Brenda. The she-male slut gave in and realized that he was becoming slut slave to a black master.
Buck pulled out and shot a load of cum over Brenda’s face, he then shoved his cock back in to Brenda’s mouth saying, “Suck it clean slut boy like a good sissy cock sucker.”
Brenda sucked swallowed the last of Buck’s cum and licked the last cum off Buck’s cock.
Joe helped Brenda up and leaned him face down on the table next to me. His face registered shock as the panties was pulled down and pushed his long hard black cock against Brenda’s ass hole. Joe forced his hard cock into Brenda making him scream just like I had when Baron forced his hard cock in my ass hole.
Brenda’s crying subsided as Joe slowly fucks him in the ass. Joe had taken pictures of Brenda’s first blow job and now Buck was filming the taking of Brenda’s virgin ass hole.
Joe said “Dam what a tight hot ass you got sissy boy. You got what it takes to make your black masters pleasure a good fuck.”
Brenda’s reply showed his complete submission to his new black masters, “Oh god it feels so good to be fucked. Fuck me harder please master fuck me hard.”
It was going better that I thought it would the little dick was a queer cock sucker. Now I’m glad I don’t have to have his small dick in me again.
Baron had make our fucking last but he had pulled out and shoot the load of cum over my pussy and then shoved his cock back in to shoot the rest inside.
Joe shot his load of cum deep in Brenda’s ass then pulled out.
Baron said, “Hay, Sissy boy get over here and clean up my cum covered cock and your wife’s pussy.”
Brenda stood up and then went submissively to his knees and started to lick Baron’s cock clean.
“Good sissy slut you’re learning your place when you’re with your black masters.”
When Brenda finished cleaning Baron’s cock he started licking Baron’s cum off my pussy then licked cum out of my pussy. I was getting to like this part I didn’t know he was such a good pussy licker.
When Brenda finished cleaning my pussy I was hot for more big black cock. I was glowing with sexual lust. Baron helped me up off the table and was kissing me while Joe played with my tits. I felt something around my neck but I was lost in sexual lust and let them play with my body.
Next I felt my arms being pulled up behind me and then I realized that I too was wearing a collar and my wrists were bound behind just like Brenda’s.
Baron pulled on my shoulders forcing me to my knees. I started to protest but as I opened my mouth Baron slid his now hard again cock into it. I tried to tell him that don’t suck cocks but he was holding my head.
Brenda was next to me sucking Buck’s cock and he looked like he was enjoying being a cock sucker to a black master.
Joe was pinching my nipples and playing with my clit getting me more sexually excited. I gave into my black master and sucked the big black cock I had in my mouth.
I too was enslaved by my black master as I sucked my first cock. My first time the taste of pre-cum. Then the first load of cum shot deep into my throat. I tried to pull back but had to accept my first taste of black cum. Baron pulled out and finished shooting the rest of his load over my face and lips. I was now baptized as a cock sucker to the pleasure of my black master.
Buck had done the same to Brenda with his load of cum. Now we knelt side by side our faces wet with loads of our black master cum.
Baron commanded, “Now you cock sucking sluts lick your black master cum off each other face.”
Brenda and I turned and started licking our black master cum off. I never felt so submissive and degraded before. My submission to my black master’s was now complete I would never go back.
Brenda and I were placed face down on the table and our ass holes were filled with hard black cock. Our black masters took their time fucking us, using us for their sexual pleasure. All we did was to beg for more black cock our submission was complete.
To complete our submission to our black masters Baron moved into our house and he had Brenda move to another bed room. I was Baron’s slut for his pleasure. Brenda had Joe and Buck using her for their personal slut slave maid.